just a heads up, if i ever weird you out on any level, too friendly, too flirty, anything at all, i encourage you to be very vocal towards me about it to make sure i dont continue to make you uncomfortable. i dont want anyone feeling like im not someone they can trust and be comfortable around.


Hongbin (@RedBeans93 )

성공한 팬 이홍빈입니다!! 모짜르트 최고!!!!!!!!!! @realcaptainpark
I’m successful fan Lee Hongbin!! Mozart is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Trans cr: fyeah-vixx


Omg the most beautiful moo calf ice ever seen! #moo #cow #ocfair 🐮


lies down on my knees in honor of those arms




It takes so little time to train your brain to just say “they” when you refer to strangers or anyone whose pronouns you’re not sure of…very minimal effort for most ppl..maybe realize not everything is about you and try it out

it changes the way u think about strangers/gender too. dont assume anything

Zhang Liyin - 爱的独白 (Agape) MV Teaser ft. Tao